Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Night Dance Party

In this place that is a little bit of nothing. Toward the end of the party and trying to decide if we should pay extra to the DJ to keep spinning those records. Or maybe get rid of the DJ and just use an ipod. So out of date and irrelevant some things are. These days.

The problem is, the problem is, the problem is. There are many problems and some I am not interested in solving because the solution is not to my liking. I don’t care for it. My Mother would say when she did not like something. I can’t think of her too long or too deeply without feeling profoundly sad. I will leave this unsolvable problem to my own children.

We’re just here for a visit my Dad would say. Enjoy it. Drink it up. Drink up. And if you drink enough those memories of your own mother and war and desire and being young will be gone. The problem is that it doesn’t last forever. Eventually you will be sober. As a judge. Who is just visiting also but is too dumb to know it.

I take photos of flowers and worry that I will miss the moment when it is perfect, when the blossom is at the height of its beauty. It does not last long enough, I think. And I know that is true. The lady in the produce department said “at my age you don’t buy green bananas”. So it can go both ways. I guess.

I should know a lot about this. All the people who went before me had a lot of advice and I listened to it all but it was not relevant. We were busy dancing, paying extra to the DJ and sending someone out for more beer.  At the time everything lasted forever.