Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nine Months Later

The dog is still looking for you.
and I wonder what
it must be like
not to know.
Any better.

For me
the permanency was real
on the morning following
that first Spring day.
that was your last.

The lacy leaves
on the Bradford Pear
outside our bedroom window.
bloomed anyway.

And the sun rose too.
even though I half expected it wouldn't.
And the earth still spins on
its axis.
Exactly the way you told me it did
when we were 17
and I thought
the sun revolved around the earth.

You held two oranges.
In my mother's kitchen.
One for the sun
One for the earth.
Even though I thought the earth should be an apple.

The next Christmas you
gave me a book on the cosmos.
And I was
amazed at how
we really

Sometimes it's easier
not to know


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